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Partner Support Specialists
Do you want to be part of the AdLeg team and put your communication and organization skills to work? We're looking for talented individuals to help give our partners a world-class service experience. 
If this sounds interesting to you, please read on...
(Yes, this is some cheesy marketing agency humor. If you can't smile at least a little bit at this video, then AdLeg is not going to be a good culture fit for you.)
 The Company: AdLeg is a fast-growing marketing company that works with online coaches and course creators to scale their businesses with YouTube Ads and Google Ads.
 The Impact: We help clients who, in turn, help their own clients. Our work produces a ripple effect that generates big waves in the world of personal and business growth.
 The Role: Partner Support Specialist - This role requires marketing knowledge and advanced communication skills. Our partner support specialists are responsive to the needs and goals of our partners, proactive and attentive in all interactions, and also constantly learning and growing and bringing new ideas to the table.
 Location: Our entire team is virtual so you can work from anywhere in the world. 
 Hours: This is a full-time position. You will be required to work during USA daytime hours as there will be regular daily communication and strategy sessions with the rest of the team.
 Pay: We offer competitive salary plus performance-based bonuses and can discuss details if you are a good fit.
What Are The Qualifications For This Role?
 You are a lifelong learner and you never think you have all the answers. You actively seek out new learning opportunities (books, courses, events, etc.) to develop yourself and improve your skills.
 You get immense satisfaction from providing a world-class experience, and you can't sleep well at night when clients are unhappy. Mentally, you take your work home with you and have a hard time shutting it off. 
 You love interacting and talking with people, and people love interacting and talking with you.
 You are a master of customer service and communicate with people in a friendly and professional manner.
 You are looking for massive career growth. You want to be part of a world-class team at a company that offers huge internal growth opportunities.
 You are comfortable and proficient with technology and with learning new tools. You must be a fast learner.
 You are exceptionally detail-oriented and utilize systems to avoid mistakes and to ensure all work and follow-up gets done. When you do make mistakes, you own up to them and implement systems to prevent similar mistakes in the future.
 You take extreme ownership of your responsibilities, you take pride in your work, and you are driven to succeed. You are proactive and you identify issues and problems before our partners do. 
 You are a great problem solver and can figure things out on your own. You love the feeling you get when you find a solution to a tough problem. You implement and take action with minimal direction.
What Will You Be Doing?
 You will be working with a team of A-Players to help build, launch, and optimize YouTube Ads campaigns for our partners.
 You will communicate with the team and with our partners in a timely manner and prioritize communication to ensure the most important issues are resolved first. You will regularly use Zoom for live internal and external communication. You will use email (external) and Slack (internal) for written communication.
 You will become a specialist on every partner's business. You'll know exactly who the partner's target customer is. You'll strive to know the ins and outs of a partner's funnel better than the partner.
 You will be taking responsibility for tracking and optimizing KPIs that are directly tied into the growth and profitability of our clients' businesses - and, by extension, the growth and profitability of AdLeg itself.
 You will be informing partners of issues when necessary. You will request help and/or changes from partners when appropriate. You will work with AdLeg's media buyers to address and correct issues when needed.
 You will be conducting onboarding calls and team kickoff calls to help drive success. You will help to ensure proper and timely campaign setup and launch. You will watch live campaigns to help identify issues and opportunities. 
 You will be doing whatever it takes to ensure the success and growth of our clients.
Here Are Some Of The Clients We Work With... 
Moran Pober |
Jon Snedeker |
Nate Armstrong |
Dan Henry |
Philipp Lang |
Joey Choy |
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