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  • The two questions to answer when building your keyword list…ignore these questions and the quality of your traffic is guaranteed to suffer.
  •  Examples of cash-draining keywords that should never be added to your campaigns, and how to avoid them even more ruthlessly than a billionaire avoids paying taxes. 
  •  A system for transcribing and sorting the good keywords that are already bouncing around inside your head (and some that are buried deep inside your subconscious). Start with this system and you’ll cut your keyword research time in half. 
  •  The "catch-all" keyword strategy and why it can be so risky and fruitful at the same time (and how you can minimize the risks for your own selfish benefit). 
  •  Why the "Keyword Broadness Spectrum" is the easiest framework you can use to solve ‘too much traffic’ and ‘not enough traffic’ problems. This is traffic fine-tuning at is finest. 
  •  The easiest way to add negative keywords to your Google Ads campaign by quickly seeing what millions of people have already searched for on Google. Do this BEFORE you start your campaign and BEFORE you pay for any unwanted traffic yourself. 
  •  The targeting strategy I personally use to target broad, 1-word keywords and still make a profit (while also gaining valuable intel on my customers). 
  •  Stupid-simple ways to use Google’s Keyword Planner that will help you find all the starting keywords you need for a campaign in a matter of minutes (not hours). 
  •  The ultimate "traffic sculpting" method that ensures the right ad always shows up for the right keyword (so your campaign works like you intend it to).