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  •  The big and small levers to pull when optimizing your Google Ads campaigns. See when and where to pull them so you’ll know exactly how to improve the performance of your ads every time an opportunity arises.
  •  How to handle "limited by budget" campaign issues. This is a sign of campaign health but it’s not a death sentence. See the exact steps to take to improve your campaign’s performance when you see this warning sign. 
  •  The only way to truly 50/50 split-test your ads. This used to be impossible – Google’s A.I. would start to prefer one of your ads and skew your results BEFORE there was enough data to declare a winner…even if you told Google not to! But now there’s a little-known feature that lets you run a true 50/50 test, and you’ll discover exactly how to manipulate it to take control of your split tests. 
  •  The best thing to do with your ads when your business is closed. Do this wrong and you’ll either be missing out on good sales opportunities…or grossly overpaying for them. 
  •  The "high to low" method you can use to see if your keyword targeting is too broad, and how to quickly fix it if it is. This will help you eliminate irrelevant traffic even before you ever pay for it (and without the need for additional negative keywords). 
  •  Nine vital settings to look at when optimizing your campaigns. Tweaking just one of these can produce significantly better results. Tweaking all nine (when you know what to look for) can produce exponentially better results…results you didn’t even know were possible. 
  •  The bidding paradox you need to be aware of that will cause you to get LESS traffic even if you INCREASE your bids. You’ll smack yourself in the forehead when you realize you may be able get more traffic simply by lowering your bids. 
  •  How to use your campaign data to see what your customers are already searching for and start to target these search phrases more deliberately…so you have more control over your ads and your targeting. 
  •  Discover exactly what you should be doing in the first hours, the first days, and the first weeks when starting a new campaign. It isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t faux flat-earther science either. A little critical thinking guided by the instructions you’ll get from this training will send you down the right path during these critical stages of your campaign. 
  •  How to organize your Google Ads dashboard so you spend your time focusing on ONLY the things worth focusing on. This is more important than most newbies realize and can save you tons of time while helping you deliver better results from your campaigns. 
  •  The single most important thing you need to do EVERY time you log into your Google Ads account. You’ll discover not just what to do…but HOW to do it to maximize your campaign performance and consistently generate more leads and sales from your ads.