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  •  What to do with your "thank you" pages that will immediately increase your sales. Most business owners ignore this page, but it is one of the most important pages on your website and should be treated that way.
  •  The ONE setting in Google My Business you NEED to change if you are using location extensions. Hardly anyone does this, but it is absolutely essential if you want to know which of your leads are coming from Google Ads. (People have lost clients because they weren’t aware of this one little setting!) 
  •  How to know exactly which phone calls are coming from your call extensions. Set this up any differently and you could have no idea how effective your ads are because Google won’t report most of your calls. 
  •  How to set up your Google Ads links so you can pass TONS of valuable information about EVERY CLICK into Analytics and other systems…keywords, ad position, network, device, and more!