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NO campaign setup costs.
NO agency retainer fees.
ONLY pay us when you profit.
How Does It Work?
You're an online coach or course creator with a program that already sells, and you want to get more customers.
You know YouTube is a massive source of traffic, but you're not sure how to make it work (don't worry...most people don't).
You've come to the right place.
We know the ins and outs of the platform. We know how to create winning campaigns and scale them. We know, because we do it every day.
In fact, we're so good at running YouTube Ads, we don't collect any payment up-front. You only pay us based on how much extra profit we generate for you.
This means we're very selective about who we partner with. Click the button below and apply so we can see if it's a good fit.
Kyle Sulerud | AdLeg
Moran Pober |
Moran Pober |
"We're making amazing profits and revenues, and I like the fact that Kyle is super obsessed about details and about ROI.

It's not like he's cheap - we're paying him a lot of money - but it's really worth it and I feel like it's a win-win for everyone. He's making us a lot of money, so by all means I'm happy for him to make a lot of money.

We are out there buying and selling businesses, and the fact that he can be my marketing guy on YouTube and really add a lot of value to what we're doing in the market is really really valuable for me.

If you don't mind paying a premium price for premium results, then Kyle is your man, and I highly highly recommend you work with him."
Dan Henry |
Dan Henry |
"As a result of working with Kyle, we were able to get up (so far) to six figures a month in ad spend and have a very, very, very good ROI. I am super pleased with the ROI. It is just as good - if not better - than the ROI on Facebook. 

He's really been able to scale this thing and I can't wait to spend more and really build up the program and get my message out there even more. We are absolutely crushing it on YouTube right now. 

So if you get a chance to work with Kyle, and he's willing to work with you, you definitely want to jump at it."
Jon Snedeker |
Jon Snedeker |
"Kyle and his team were able to get significantly higher returns on my YouTube Ads. It wasn't until I gave up control to an expert that I realized how much time and money it was costing me to do it myself. 

If you're struggling with your conversion tracking, if it's taking too much of your time, or if you're not happy with the returns that you're getting, you kind of owe it to yourself to send Kyle an email and see what they can do for you. 

I know I'm happy with the results, and I look forward to working with them for a very long time."
Philipp Lang |
Philipp Lang |
"I want to give a quick shoutout to Kyle and his team. He's run, for over half a year, my YouTube Ads, and with great great success - made a lot of money out of it. Great revenue, great return on investment, great return on ad spend.

I can highly recommend working with Kyle and his team. He's really reliable, he's fast getting you the feedback, and what he does is just fantastic. 

Calls are dropping in every day, and this is the reason why I want to give him a shoutout. Thank you Kyle and your team for working together with me on such a high level, and keep crushing it."
Nate Armstrong |
Nate Armstrong |
"Kyle knows his stuff, and he knows it backwards and forwards. When you're going to start dropping serious money into YouTube - it's different if you're just playing at a smaller scale - but if you're going to drop serious investment capital into YouTube, you need to know and understand that it's going to come back to you. And to do that you need the right people buying your media. Kyle's team, they're just good. They're really really good.

I run Facebook Ads for a lot of people, so I'm actually in the whole business myself...but I trust their team so much that I prefer to pay to work with them because I know that they're going to do it the right way. There's no one better on the YouTube platform."
Kerry Egeler |
Kerry Egeler |
"The first month we did about $30k, which was our biggest month ever. The second month we did almost $40k. And right now we're in the middle of our biggest month ever. And I just want to give a huge thank you to the AdLeg Team - Kyle, Michelle, you guys have been unbelievable.

I've always been hesitant about hiring agencies..but the way the Kyle and the team charge, you get to keep most of your profits as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, and that's one of the things that attracted me. 

But on top of that, these guys are professionals. They are so good at YouTube Ads, will get your results really quickly, and I've just been so overjoyed with the results that we've been able to get."
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