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Every Resource You Need To Scale Your High-Ticket Offer With YouTube Ads
On this page, you'll find the exact playbook AdLeg follows to consistently generate 2x-5x ROI for our clients at scale.
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Date Published: October 24, 2018
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Use This Funnel For Your YouTube Ads
We've tested hundreds of funnels and found that all of our most successful clients share the same funnel structure. Watch this video to learn the best YouTube Ad funnel, how to create an irresistible offer, and how to REALLY drive up your conversion rate and sales. 
Get Non-Customers To Skip Your YouTube Ads
Watch this video to find out why you want people to skip your YouTube ads, even though you have to pay either way. Also discover a very simple framework that can be used in any niche to create effective YouTube ads you can go record right now.
YouTube Ads Targeting: The Ultimate Guide
Discover EVERY YouTube Ads targeting capability so you know which types of targeting work best and which options you shouldn't waste time with. 
Structure YouTube Ad Accounts Like An Expert
There's a standard way to structure your YouTube Ads account, and then there's the MOST SCALABLE way to structure your ad account. In this video, I'm going to show you how my agency, AdLeg, structures ad accounts for our 6-, 7-, and 8-figure clients so we can get the best possible results when scaling and optimizing campaigns
How to SCALE YouTube Ads ($0 to $1M Strategy)
In this video, you'll see a winning YouTube Ads Scaling Strategy and the exact steps you need to take for a successful YouTube Ads account. You'll also discover why you should always test new campaigns (even after you find winners) and what to do if your account is not scaling. 
Launch Your YouTube Ads In Less Than 14 Days
Watch this video to discover the fastest way possible to launch your YouTube Ads in less than 14 days, and become profitable within 30 days.
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