The "One Billion Views" YouTube Ads Swipe File
(1.97 Billion Views & Counting)
Why do views matter? Well, because with YouTube Ads, views cost money. So when you see an ad that has millions of views, it’s safe to say it’s a profitable ad (dumb money can create exceptions to this, so it is not a universal rule).

Also, most top advertisers test multiple ads and end up putting most of their money into the ads that are working the best. So ads like the ones in this swipe file are often the winners that emerged after testing many different ads.

That’s why views matter. Any video ad with over a million views is worth paying attention to, and ads with over ten million views should be studied very closely.

Every ad in this swipe file has more than ten million views. A couple have more than one hundred million views. Enter your name and email to see for yourself.
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